Circa 1920

Officers Patrick Gladieux and Steven Skeels   circa 1920


BayPark Shooting Range   Drive by shooting practice  circa 1940

Officer Arthur Iwinski directing traffic   circa 1935

Toledo Police arresting man in Oak Openings park  circa 1940

1939 Toledo Police Academy Class

9th Toledo Police Academy Class   1951

13th Toledo Police Academy Class  1955

1957 Toledo Police Academy Class

20th Toledo Police Academy Class   1960

22nd Toledo Police Academy Class 1963

23rd Toledo Police Academy  1964

24th Toledo Police Academy class 1965

Officer Dick Mohr and Cannon


Toledo Swat Team Members arrest man after standoff  at health care facility    2009

L-R  Officer Nick Estavanik, Officer Curtis Stone, Officer Eric Whitman, Officer Clint White,

Officer Scott Sterling

Officer Barb Hunter, Officer Ray Espinosa, Officer Michael Moore and Officer Matt Naujock carry their equipment to their

cruisers to start their shift.